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Planning an International RV Vacation?

As many RV owners know, traveling in comfort and style doesn't have to cost a fortune. With some careful planning, it can be done quite affordably, even if your travel plans take you out of the U.S. We have 50+ years of experience in RV Shipping and Auto Shipping to destinations across North America, Asia, Europe and just about any other worldwide destination. We transport recreational vehicles and autos of all types for individual owners, seasonal travelers and vacationers, dealers and more!

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Traveling in an RV Vacationing Tips

If you are traveling to Europe on a short 2-or-3-week vacation, a motorhome may not be ideal. Some wrong turns on unfamiliar roadways, and this can cause problems for people on a tight schedule. But for a family exploring Europe for the summer or a retired couple with plenty of time, it’s ideal. The following are some considerations and tips for planning a motorhome vacation in Europe.


COST: Camping costs are similar to the U.S. and can vary from totally free to quite expensive, depending on the type of place you stay. Gas/diesel costs are approximately two times U.S. prices, but European RVs also tend to be really efficient and the distances in Europe are smaller. You can be in a different country with a few hours of drive.


PARKING OVERNIGHT:  Campgrounds are the safest choice. Europeans love to camp and there are campgrounds just about everywhere. European RVs are much smaller than the U.S. RVs. Most of them are van-sized or small about the same as an American Class B+. It is really difficult to navigate a large RV in Europe; the local roads are not made for large vehicles. Before staying at a campground, contact them and ask them about their requirements. The campground may only accept camper vans or pop-ups.

PROPANE TANKS: Your camper will undoubtedly come with one full propane tank (used for refrigerator, hot water, and sometimes heater) and possibly a small reserve "camper" tank. If you’re traveling for more than two months, get a second full tank from your camper outfit. This gives you plenty of time to get your empty tank replaced when it runs out at the most inopportune time.

ELECTRIC HEATER: Get a small electric heater in Europe. It saves on propane during chilly nights, and you just plug in at the campground.

GPS: Hand-held or dash-mounted, these can be indispensable if you find yourself lost or wish to find an obscure location with peace of mind.

MONEY: ATM cash machines are generally the easiest and least expensive way to obtain cash in Europe, and are everywhere in Western Europe.

INTERNET ACCESS: For many, connectivity is absolutely crucial these days. Most campsites now offer WiFi. WiFi is also available in stores and chains as you travel. Many other mobile internet possibilities are coming online all the time.

SATELITE TV: If you’re on a long trip this is a great way to keep in touch with what’s going on via CNN, BBC, etc. Many campers have them, though you can also stream content via WiFi these days.

Below are some of the types of vehicles we ship internationally
on a regular basis, both to and from the U.S.:

  • Towable, Motorized & Specialty RVs

  • Class A, B, & C Motorhomes

  • Travel Trailers, Fifth-Wheels & Campers

  • Motorcoaches & Luxury RVs

  • Pop Up Campers & Folding Camping Trailers

  • Buses & Sports Utility RVs

  • Park Model RVs

  • Caravans & Camper Vans

  • Hybrid Trailers & Toy Haulers

  • Automobiles of Any Size

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We have 50+ years of experience in RV and Auto shipping to destinations across North America, Asia, Europe and just about any other worldwide destination.


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