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Fewer packing materials are required to protect your materials from bumps and drops, and transit times are quicker. Whether you are shipping medical items, temperature-sensitive/perishable goods or industrial materials, you’ll benefit from efficient and affordable shipping. American Lamprecht Transport, Inc. knows the ways and means and offers you fully comprehensive services for air freight, from door to door.

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There’s no question that planes are faster than sea or land transport, and with the majority of airports sending new flights out on the hour, your time-sensitive cargo will make it to its destination easily. Tracking updates for freight flight takeoffs, landings, and final arrivals are equally quick and up to date. And because fewer hops are required with air transport due to strategic locations throughout the world, money is saved along with valuable time.


Although air freight negates most of the need for warehouse storage between locations, there are still many administrative factors that need to be managed when it comes to all air cargo services. Paperwork required for customs and material receiving is all handled for you and can be easily customized for routine shipments, as well as when a situation arises that needs quick handling.
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What Past Customers Have Said:

Franco C.

I have been using this group of forwarders for a few years now and they are just fantastic… Lamprecht is just awesome from start to finish - never a hassle from Customs, paperwork is always done correctly and they are fast and friendly on the phone.
Highly recommended.

Darryl J.

I had the opportunity to work with Lisa and Laura @ American Lamprecht and it was one of the most pleasurable experiences that I have encountered since my shipping and receiving career over 20 years ago. Their attention to detail, willingness to assist throughout the process and professional demeanor was outstanding. I would recommend their company for all of your import and export needs. FIVE STARS FROM DJ @ PIEDMONT HOIST AND CRANE. LADIES TAKE A BOW.

Tarry C.

Laura was fantastic. I'm a one-off importer of a Horse carriage without a clue what needed to be done. Laura handled my inexperience and my Chinese counterpart with graciousness and ease. My items arrived on time and were in good shape. I'd highly recommend Laura and her company to any first-timer or those that do this daily. How they treat this little person says a lot about how they must treat the big ones too. I and our horse thank you, Laura. 

Naudiac D.

Excellent, family-owned, international freight forwarding, import, export, air, ocean, and brokerage.

Rod Reed

American Lamprecht, and in particular Allyce Corn, did an outstanding job in helping me with a recent import issue. She and the company were wonderful - she was very professional, responsive and great to deal with. I would recommend American Lamprecht and Allyce for any logistics requirements!

Alex Gordon

Excellent, speedy, and professional customer service. Used them to ship my vehicle from overseas. Highly recommend.

Mauricio Ferreira Cabral

Very good freight forwarder, they have a great team working there.

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