San Francisco

Our ALT SFO location is located right outside the ocean container port in Oakland CA with close proximity to SFO airport.

Our experienced team services a large volume of import shipments from the Far East.

With California’s vast wine country, we are experts in the transportation of wine and beer. Additionally, some of our other niches include the handling of RV’s, fine art, art exhibit displays, and large project cargo.

As with all our locations, we have licensed customs brokers on-site for all your customs needs.

ocean freight

Weekly Consolidations

from Basel to NY, 22-26 Day Door-to-Door Shipping

Every week a container is packed with parcels and sent to
New York for a quick door to door delivery.

American Lamprecht Transport Inc.

61 Airport Blvd, Suite A
South San Francisco, CA 94080

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F +1-516-386-4326

American Lamprecht Transport, Inc. moves your goods to any place - worldwide

Europe to U.S.

Shipping Items from Europe to the United States.  American Lamprecht is the world-leading import specialist for Western Europe. Whether traditional container shipping, consolidated dedicated lines, air freight, or air freight consolidation, American Lamprecht will deliver more quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

American Lamprecht shipping from switzerland to usa
American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Switzerland to U.S.

Shipping Items from Switzerland to the United States.  American Lamprecht is the world-leading import specialist for Swiss-U.S. lines.  Whether traditional container shipping, consolidated dedicated lines, air freight, or air freight consolidation, American Lamprecht will deliver more quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

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    High Security Standards for Your Goods

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    Professional Shipment Processing

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Lamprecht Switzerland and American Lamprecht have relationships with the proper authorities, regulatory customs, and shipping companies to allow for efficiency, communication, and compliance. 

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Shipping is not child's play. Handling complex logistics in the ever-changing regulatory climate requires precision. American Lamprecht uses internal and external communication with partners in shipping to remain efficient.

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The most important piece of the process is the people of Lamprecht and American Lamprecht. The team has years of experience and extensive knowledge gained through continuous training. The culture of customer service has allowed American Lamprecht to optimize the shipping experience.

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Lamprecht Switzerland and American Lamprecht have established a footprint across the globe for precise and efficient shipments. With offices in Western Europe, offices in the Continental United States, and partners in China & India, the global footprint of a company that is still small enough to care is important. 

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For 75 years, Lamprecht has been innovating and optimizing disruptive forces in the logistics and shipping industry and epitomizes individual and worldwide services, from door to door. 

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Lamprecht has years of worldwide transportation and logistical experience and focuses on individual, customized solutions. Import, export, customs brokerage, warehousing, and logistics planning are key areas of expertise with the company.  

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ISO 9001, Quality control methods and processes. Lamprecht provides the latest technology to ensure the fastest shipping.

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Quality assurance has always been written large at Lamprecht Transport Ltd. Since 2018 the entire Lamprecht organization, with its subsidiaries Expo Cargo AG, FEAG International Transport and LPL Lamprecht Pharma Logistics AG, has been certified, with excellent reviews, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. 

to U.S. Transit

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Air & Sea

Transport of Goods

Cargo container ship

Swiss to U.S. transport of goods by sea in 19-21 days

Basel, Switzerland to the U.S.

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Weekly containers shipping

Freight Consolidations

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Save Time

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Containers Sealed in Basel and trucked directly to the port reduced time in examinations and customs clearances


Darryl Johnson Sr.

I had the opportunity to work with Lisa and Laura @ American Lamprecht and it was one of the most pleasurable experiences that I have encountered since my shipping and receiving career over 20 years ago. Their attention to detail, willingness to assist throughout the process and professional demeanor was outstanding. I would recommend their company for all of your import and export needs. FIVE STARS FROM DJ @ PIEDMONT HOIST AND CRANE. LADIES TAKE A BOW.

Tarry Crockett

Laura was fantastic. I'm a one-off importer of a Horse carriage without a clue what needed to be done. Laura handled my inexperience and my Chinese counterpart with graciousness and ease. My items arrived on time and were in good shape. I'd highly recommend Laura and her company to any first-timer or those that do this daily. How they treat this little person says a lot about how they must treat the big ones too. I and our horse thank you, Laura. 

Rod Reed

American Lamprecht, and in particular Allyce Corn, did an outstanding job in helping me with a recent import issue. She and the company were wonderful - she was very professional, responsive and great to deal with. I would recommend American Lamprecht and Allyce for any logistics requirements!

Alex Gordon

Excellent, speedy, and professional customer service. Used them to ship my vehicle from overseas. Highly recommend.

Mauricio Ferreira Cabral

Very good freight forwarder, they have a great team working there.

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