American Lamprecht and Lamprecht Transport Deliver

  • High Frequency of Departures

  • Reliable Transit Times

  • Professional Shipment Processing

Weekly Consolidations

3-6 Day Door-to-Door Shipping

Every week a container is packed with parcels and sent to New York and Charleston for a quick door to door delivery.

Switzerland to
U.S. Transit

air freight

Air & Sea

Ocean Transport
of Goods

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Swiss to U.S. transport of goods by sea in 19-21 days

Multiple Switzerland locations to the U.S.

American Lamprecht IMTS Show shipping truck

Weekly containers shipping

Freight Consolidations

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport


American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Ocean containers are sealed in each location and trucked directly to the port reducing time in examinations and customs clearances. 


8 locations in Switzerland for Shipping Coordination with Lamprecht Transport.

Lamprecht Transport Ltd. is a certified AEO (Authorised Economic Operator). This certification demands extensive precautionary measures in terms of reliability, solvency and compliance with high safety standards as well as strict compliance with relevant legislation. Enterprises that possess an AEO certificate benefit in connected customs areas from simplifications in security-relevant customs controls and simplified procedures.

American Lamprecht Swiss-U.S. Trade Line

Lamprecht and American Lamprecht have been providing efficient transportation from Switzerland and Western Europe to the United States and abroad for over 75 years. Starting with Post World War II recovery, trucking shipping, then enabled local companies to distribute throughout Europe and then expanding to international distribution over time.

Lamprecht Switzerland and American Lamprecht are the gold standards for precision efficiency and delivery.

The process starts with efficient freight acquisition and consolidation. At the source, Lamprecht's vast trucking resources on the ground in Switzerland and Western Europe allow for quick and easy transport to freight consolidation locations. Freight consolidation in Basel is another key part of the process.  The Lamprecht lines are the most efficient available for export from Western Europe to foreign ports.

Freight consolidation in Basel provides efficient packaging and processing of goods with sealed containers in Basel to speed the process along the way. This allows for custom clearances and regulatory hurdles to be overcome so the goods can move immediately from Basel to the port for shipping.

American Lamprect air and sea freight
American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Freight consolidations run every week, provide transportation from Switzerland and Western Europe in as little as 19 to 21 days.  This is a significant savings of approximately 40% of the traditional shipping time. Once on the water, these containers then arrive in New York, Charleston, or other parts of entry for quick redistribution.

American Lamprecht creates a port to port delivery options for Swiss and Western European goods to the U.S. American Lamprecht provides a transcontinental footprint in the United States with 9 locations for the final completion of delivery to end destinations with ease.

There are several keys to the process that allows Lamprecht and American Lamprecht to accomplish to maintain this efficient shipping line.

Why American Lamprecht?

Organizational and IT guidelines guarantee high-quality standards, transparent processes, and reliable handling of shipments.

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American Lamprecht shipping from switzerland to usa

American Lamprecht and Lamprect Transport

Since 1945, Lamprecht Transport has built a reliable and extensive inland road transportation network. With our road transportation, we offer you diverse solutions - customized to your individual requirements and needs.

American Lamprecht Transport - road transport

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