American Lamprecht and Lamprecht Transport Deliver

For Swiss Manufacturers Delivering to the United States

  • High Frequency of Departures

  • Reliable Transit Times

  • Professional Shipment Processing

Switzerland to US Transit

American Lamprecht shipping from switzerland to usa

Air & Sea

Transport of

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Swiss to US transport of goods by sea in 19-21 days

Basel Switzerland to the US

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Weekly containers shipping

Freight Consolidations

American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport


American Lamprecht Swiss-US Transport

Containers Sealed in Basel and trucked directly to the port reduced time in examinations and customs clearances


9 locations in Switzerland/Western Europe for Shipping Coordination with Lamprecht Transport.

Lamprecht Transport Ltd. is a certified AEO (Authorised Economic Operator). This certification demands extensive precautionary measures in terms of reliability, solvency and compliance with high safety standards as well as strict compliance with relevant legislation. Enterprises that possess an AEO certificate benefit in connected customs areas from simplifications in security-relevant customs controls and simplified procedures.

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