A family enterprise makes history

American Lamprecht Transport Inc. was incorporated in 1968 under New York state law as a subsidiary of Lamprecht Transport Ltd., founded in 1945 by A. Lamprecht in Basel/Switzerland. Since then, the Swiss company is family owned. Many years of hard work and the tireless commitment of our employees have brought one success after another to our family owned company.

The specialists at our strategically located branches in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Greenville-Spartanburg, Miami, Denver, Baltimore and San Francisco know what matters in today’s shipping business. We believe in a partnership based on mutual respect among all parties – the cornerstone of a lasting and successful business relationship.

1968 Foundation of American Lamprecht Transport Inc. in New York
1975 Second US base is opened in Chicago
1981 New office in Greenville-Spartanburg
1998 Opening of a new office in Los Angeles
2003 C-TPAT approval
2010 Opening of the 5th base in Houston
2014 Merger of Senrac Transportation Services, Houston
2016 Merger of Seabridge International Freight, Baltimore, operating under "Seabridge Lamprecht";
2016 Merger between AmCar Freight Miami FL and American Lamprecht Transport Inc. into "AmCar Lamprecht" which is the 7th branch in the United States
2017 Opening of branch office No. 8 in Denver, Colorado
2018 Merger of Benchmark Worldwide, Houston, operating under "Benchmark Lamprecht"
2018 Opening of branch office No. 9 in San Francisco, CA