Top tips for reducing international shipping costs

If managed wisely, international shipping can be quite cost-effective. More often than not, the businesses and individuals aren’t aware of the strategies to minimize the cost. As a result, they end up paying more than they should.

Through this blog post, we discuss some essential tips to save your money when looking for international shipping in the US.

Consider bulk international shipping

It is the rule of every business: anything in bulk comes at an economical price. The same is true for shipping, too. The shipping companies don’t mind negotiating on prices when they get a bulk order.

Get a label printer

There are two benefits of using a label printer. First, the fulfilment times are reduced substantially. Second, you don’t have to depend on those costly packaging slips that get stuck on the packages.

Get packaging from discount suppliers

The rule we have discussed above applies here, too. Choose a vendor that offers different variants of packaging. Buy your stock in bulk to get good discounts. Go through the quotation of different vendors from this purpose.

Go for ocean freight if time is not an issue

Ocean freights usually take longer than air but is highly economical. But, if the goods need to be delivered on an urgent basis, air is the preferred option.

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