Numerous businesses believe that carriers and freight forwarders are two different names of same type of vendors. Let’s understand the difference between them.

A freight forwarder is an agent that helps finds the most economical and efficient method for moving your packages. Such service providers also handle documentation and other processes involved while sending the cargo to destination. This involves customs clearance, consolidation, and duty negotiation. They choose the right mode of shipping, including ocean, rail, land, or air. American Lamprecht is one such renowned freight forwarder from Denver, Colorado.

A freight carrier, on the other hand, is a company that actually moves your package from Point A to Point B. They can be rail services, air freight carriers, ocean freight carriers, or trucking companies. Numerous times, the packaged is shipped using more than one type of service. It can be challenging to deal with the carriers directly, especially if you are new into the world of international trade. This is where freight forwarding services takes the stage. These service providers have association with numerous freight carriers. It is due to these associations that you get extremely reasonable rate.

Choose a freight forwarder from Denver that relies on technology for offering efficient solutions. For example, American Lamprecht lets you track the status of your package online. For more information on features of this freight forwarding company,
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