Distance is not the only differentiating factor when it comes to international and domestic shipping. There are plenty of other differences you should be aware of when searching for a transport company in the USA.

Shipping domestically does not require you to follow multiple regulations. But when it comes to international shipping, the shipper needs to comply with the regulations of both the source and destination countries. If you fail to comply with these regulations, you end up paying hefty penalties. In some cases, the penalties surpass the profits you earn in international trade.

The international shipping is linked with additional fees that aren’t part of domestic operations. These fees are levied in the form of taxes and tariffs. The prices vary by the country you are sending your package to.

Packaging is also different in both the cases. When sending your goods internationally, the packaging should be extra durable to avoid damage during handling and transport. Some goods require a wooden packing crate that is insect-resistant and heat-treated. This avoids damage during transit.

In various countries, there are certain products you can’t ship. The transportation companies in the USA can provide you with the list of these restricted items. These items typically include religious items, addictive stuff, and several food items.

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