Air transportation comes with plenty of benefits. One of the major advantages of choosing air freight transportation is that you send your cargo in the fastest possible time. There are certain things you should know if you are planning to send your shipment through this mode.


The shipping company will levy a price on the basis of per-kilogram or dimensional weight, depending on the higher value. When the cargo acquires larger space, the company assesses dimensional weight.

Commodity restrictions

You can’t send shipments with certain products aren’t permitted to travel through air freight. Hazardous Products is one such category that’s not allowed via air freight. An individual or a company needs to rely on ocean freights for this purpose.

Cargo insurance

Securing cargo through insurance is crucial, as it protects your shipment against natural disasters, damage, fire, or mishandling of the package. There are also cases of theft against which you can get reimbursement if you have the right policy in place. Your air freight shipping company will guide you on the insurance in detail.

You need to package it properly

There are two reasons to do so. One, your shipment is going to be handled multiple times. Some padding is, therefore, necessary, to avoid damage. Second, proper packaging ensures your package acquires minimum space during shipping, thereby reducing the cost of shipping.

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